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Bike Rack ?

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I'm asking Santa to bring me a bike rack for my new Insight! Has anyone already done the research? (so I don't have to) ... or had experience about which one(s) are VERY easy and quick to put on/take off, and work well with the design of the back of the Insight?

Katrina (dressed in 5 layers of polar fleece, long johns and coats)
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Also, see mine at the link

My hitch is owner fabricated however, feel free to use my design and pictures to have someone else (or yourself) duplicate it. I can also provide you with the gusset geometry if needed. I went with a 2" reciever as they are much more common. I also hate the look of hitches on cars so, I used a plate holder from an old car (or truck with a rollpan) and hid the hitch behind it. At times, I have over $5000 worth of bike on the back so a cheap hitch isn't an option. I went with a Yakima but there are other great racks out there too. Another benifit is this will be the last rack I buy for a while because it slides in any 2" reciever. I also use it with my Jeep and Rodeo. I also didn't want to go with a roof rack because the only manufactuer (Saris) will not warranty the bike mounts when mounted on an Insight. Plus I didn't think it would be good on MPG without the bike(s). Speaking of MPG it sucks with the bikes on. I drop from 50-52 down to around 42 depending on speed. With out bike and just the rack back there I still get the same mileage. Let me know if you need any more info. My new e-mail is [email protected]

Good Luck,
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