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Bikes and the Insight??

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Are there any other cyclists out there who have ideas on how to carry a couple bikes on the Insight? I know that Yakima and Thule don't make parts for the Insight. The bike shop suggested maybe getting a hitch mounted. Has anyone had any experience with this??? Please help...
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If I was in your shoes,
I would look into a hatchback rack but I would add some support for the rear bumper.

These racks usually put the weigh on the rear bumper but for the Insight, the real bumper is 13 inch below what you see. So if you have something that puts weigh on the plastic bumper cover, there is really nothing under to support it.
See picts at:

Some aluminium braket pop-riveted to the top 'real'bumper would be perfect to me.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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