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Bikes and the Insight??

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Are there any other cyclists out there who have ideas on how to carry a couple bikes on the Insight? I know that Yakima and Thule don't make parts for the Insight. The bike shop suggested maybe getting a hitch mounted. Has anyone had any experience with this??? Please help...
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Oquirrh Mountains in Tooele, UT

I used my Insight to drive myself and a friend up to the top of the Oquirrh Overlook in Tooele, Utah a few months ago. Handled it just fine, on the stock tires, but had to use the L setting to get over the glacier in the way :)

We fit two mountain bikes in the back. Admittedly, that left the hatch open, and we had to tie it down, but no damage to the vehicle and it wasn't as if we were driving along a 70MPH road or anything. The Insight can go places that other cars dread... so narrow, I started calling it my "aluminum ATV" that day :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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