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Bikes and the Insight??

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Are there any other cyclists out there who have ideas on how to carry a couple bikes on the Insight? I know that Yakima and Thule don't make parts for the Insight. The bike shop suggested maybe getting a hitch mounted. Has anyone had any experience with this??? Please help...
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I think I posted this somewhere else.

Here it is again.

I am waiting for the Saris 3 bike rack which has 2 feet on the hatch and 2 on the bumper area. I'll use some home brewed 'hatch hugger' type strapping to keep the rack on safer and less scratching to the hatch.

I was going to do the Saris roof rack, as that seemed like what people liked most - but then I tried a friend's Saris 2 bike hatch back rack and it was nice. So I read reviews and found that lots and lots of people buy the 3 bike Saris hatch rack for 1 or 2 bikes at most because it has the extra foot and is super stable.

After testing the 2 bike rack, I am near certain that the 3 bike rack will be great. To minimize wear and tear and maximize safety, I may drive with one or more wheels off. I can't imagine that there would be any issues (short of mpg reduction) with a bike frame only on the back and the wheels inside.

The only thing I don't like is having the wheels inside when they might chop my head off in a collision. Nicer to have it all outside.

I'll post when I get the 3 bike rack and use it.
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How many bikes do you put on it?

I am thinking max 2, mostly just 1.

The folks where I ordered mine 'lost the order' so I am still waiting!
I just got mine today. Can't try it out for a bit now as I am too busy.
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