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Bikes and the Insight??

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Are there any other cyclists out there who have ideas on how to carry a couple bikes on the Insight? I know that Yakima and Thule don't make parts for the Insight. The bike shop suggested maybe getting a hitch mounted. Has anyone had any experience with this??? Please help...
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I read that thread and it is about installing a hitch. That's a thought, but my man's bike is a tri-bike and doesn't have a crossbar for those kind of bike racks. Anyone mounted a rack to the roof? i know that is a big no no in the world or wind tunnels, but he is insistent that we try to go that route...

Thanks again...
The car loves hills!

Thanks y'all for all the suggestions. We'll be looking more into these Saturday.

As for these hills, they're treating my "lil blue" just fine. It has enough power to go up and down and I've discovered the "L" to get me up my gravel driveway (it spun out in regular drive). Where exactly is Payne, NC?

cheerio :wink:
Made me look

Payne inhabitant--

You made me look and you are right. You are not on the map. At least not mapquest. :lol: And I thought I lived in a small town!
that's good news

Thank you so much for your account of going up the mountain! And that is funny that you carried TWO bikes in the hatch. What was your mpg going up that mountain?? And did it still drain the battery pack even in "L"?
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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