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Black Insight spotted on A120, UK

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My cousin was driving early this morning and followed a black Insight down the A120 all the way to Colchester. He took a cellphone photo of it - its a Y-reg plate and looks super sexy and a touch sinister.

Love to know who's it is.....are they out there? Was black a factory colour or is it a respray?

Fancy a race round Earls Colne airfield? :D
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Hi Sulphur Man

I once spotted a black Insight near me in Carshalton - it is a factory colour but I think black was only offered for a year or two. Black Insights have ORANGE seats....

I have actually seen quite a few Insights on the roads in the UK recently. While in a hire car, I overtook a citrus Y reg Insight going west on the M40 last Monday with a woman driving. I was tempted to wind down the window and shout across "check out insight central. net" or something similar but thought better of it!

Out of curiousity, whereabouts is Earls Colne airfield and is it open for public use/hire?
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