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Blown Motor

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At 170,000 miles, our car appears to have either spun a bearing or broken a rod. The block seems to be OK (still has oil and coolant in appropriate places). We are still troubleshooting and are looking at options, but suspect that if the above is true, we are looking at a motor replacement. Has anyone else had a motor replaced? New or used? All info welcomed.

We've been too happy with this car to give up on the breed now.
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Chain vs. Belt

This is sad that the timing chain may be the weak link in long engine life.

It sounds like this car had the best maintenence possible ( mobil 1 from the begining ). What more can you do for long life?

I now question honda's choice of a chain instead of cam belt. Even with 100K mile belt and tensioner repacements, that's better than a 'no- warning' chain failure at 170K.

I have a bud with 1,250,000+ miles on a '92 Accord wagon with no major work on the engine/ trans. Just routine cam belt, water pump, alt., clutch replacements. He runs mobil 1, a block heater and a switch to cut out the injection until the oil pres. light goes out on start up. Other than that it's stock.

I hope to get max engine life too.
But 170K is horrible. That's not getting your money's worth.

I guess honda's going with a chain on newer engine models.

Good luck all. Only time (and miles) will tell.
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