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Blown Motor

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At 170,000 miles, our car appears to have either spun a bearing or broken a rod. The block seems to be OK (still has oil and coolant in appropriate places). We are still troubleshooting and are looking at options, but suspect that if the above is true, we are looking at a motor replacement. Has anyone else had a motor replaced? New or used? All info welcomed.

We've been too happy with this car to give up on the breed now.
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KTscharae said:
An update: we have a preliminary diagnosis of a timing chain failure. The sound we were hearing was the pistons hitting the valves. The chain is still in place, but appears somewhat loose, as if it jumped out of position, then fell back. More as we know it...
I had that happen with a Ford 302 V8. Chain jumped a tooth and ran awful. After I shut it down I was unable to restart it until I tore it down and replaced the sprockets and chain. Luckily, it wasn't a contact engine.

Is there a maintanence interval for the Insight chain?
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