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Blown Motor

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At 170,000 miles, our car appears to have either spun a bearing or broken a rod. The block seems to be OK (still has oil and coolant in appropriate places). We are still troubleshooting and are looking at options, but suspect that if the above is true, we are looking at a motor replacement. Has anyone else had a motor replaced? New or used? All info welcomed.

We've been too happy with this car to give up on the breed now.
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You may want to consider converting to all electric !
You can get more information from the Electric Auto Association web site at which will have links to local chapters.

You may allso want to check out a honda Insight convertion at the web sight

I am considering converting my2002 insight or purchasing a older one(with engine problems) to convert, but the project will be at least a year away before I am ready to start. If and when I do the convertion I may have engine,battery and related parts to sell cheap.
anyone one have any ideas when the chain should be replaced... chains do last longer then belt...
For most chains more than 2x the distance for a timing belt is easily achieved with good oil change maintenance. 200K+miles

The best we can hope for is the common early warning from loose chain "chatter". Once this is evident there's little time to wait :!:

Not all chain systems give this warning although most OHV (overhead valve) chains do merely because of their needed extra length. The Insight may be an unwelcome exception in this regard. And there will always be the occasional non-standard failure without warning for any type of system.

The consequences of oops too long are very bad. :(

HTH! :)
I like timing chains. Too many bad experiences with belts. I understand that belts are quieter and cheaper, but anything that requires a mechanic to diddle with the engine is bad, given the competence of today's dealerships...
A sad finish to our story...

Our car was in the dealer's posession for over a month. We instructed them to go ahead with the engine replacement as well as asking that two recall items be done and the underbody covers be replaced (both were damaged and had been removed). We also asked that all parts be returned to us, especially the oil and filter, which we wanted to examine.

When we finally got it back, it was running, but the oil and filter had mysteriously disappeared, the recall work was not done, the underbody panels had not been replaced, the heater was working intermittantly, it was leaking coolant, one of the other underbody panels in the front had not been re-attached and was subsequently destroyed when it dragged and was folded back, and one of the doors had a large, new crease in it.

After a month and a half of phone arguments, they have done the recall work and fixed the coolant leak, but are refusing to do anything else. We are now in contact with the family attorney. We are moving to a very remote area where we will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle and plan to sell the car as soon as possible. There will not be another Honda in our future.

I have to say that I am sorry that we fixed it at all, and especially sorry that we spent the extra money to get the warranty that they obviously do not intend to honor. The Insight is a wonderful car, but without dealer support, has little future. Better luck to the rest of you.
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