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Blue Insight photoshop picture...

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Does anyone have the picture of the blue i nsight that was modded using photoshop? It is no longer on cardomain, and I had to re-install my OS and lost the picture.
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thank you so much. i owe you.
np man. I owe a lot of people on this forum.. :D
that's such a sharp lookin' picture.

except for the goofed up smudge/airbrush tool near the lower corner of the passenger side of the windshield. :p

( hope i didn't ruin it for anyone now.. hehe )
Damn, that is sexy looking. Is that really what it looks like without the wheel covers?
beau_safken said:
Damn, that is sexy looking. Is that really what it looks like without the wheel covers?
Nope. If you look at this image:

You can see the lines around the rear will skirts. You'd have to modify the skirts. There has been a lot of talk about it before on the forum. I've considered it, but the skirts grew on me, and now I don't know if my insight would look right without them.

I do agree though that modified pic does look sweet. That's the pic that made me look into modifying my rear wheel skirts.
Well least its possible right? Guess I will just have to not let the tuner in me get too
Hmmmm....nice photoshop magic. I am looking at that exact picture on a mousepad that I ordered off eBay about 18 months ago.
The pic I have shows the Insight with it's standard wheel skirts in place, and no photoshop smudge. ... ghtmpd.jpg
of course its possible, its called molding. They cut mold and paint. You could make it look like a ferrari if you have enough money
Arsenic1250, great picture, that is almost the same thing I am modifing my 2000 insight I will be sure to send you the pics. I'm moding the rear wheels taillights, front bumper. It will look great, a lot of time and money, should be done by the end of July I hope.
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