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I noticed that in my 2019 Honda Insight LX the "Interior Illumination" (footwell lighting) accessory is white instead of blue like it is shown in all Honda's marketing, and is quite dim. When it is dark, it is bright enough, but failing both color and brightness, it certainly does not satisfy their claim for improved interior aesthetics. I mostly get a clearer view of the dirt down there (using plastic mats in the winter atm).

It appears that the white lights are attached in a fairly simple way. Does anyone know a source of brighter and blue (or red) replacements? I could measure the volts and amps and look for a non-application-specific solution, but I'd rather not.

Also, is there any documentation on how the car is put together? I couldn't find anything with Google. I can well imagine Honda does not release anything for DIYers, but haven't had that confirmed. I don't even know the name of the part I want to replace, otherwise I might be able to find it on eBay. The dealer says that there's only the white light in their parts list, so there's nothing they can do.


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