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Whilst driving down the M1 the other day the bolts at the front of the alloy cover that fits under the radiator came out. The front of the cover drooped right down and scraped along the road, which at 80 MPH was a bit worrying (sounded like a puncture). Rather lucky that it didn't catch on something and rip off completely!

Anyway, after much messing about I managed to find some zip ties and strapped it back up again. This is a bit of a short term solution obviously and I'd like to bolt it back on again.

Does anybody know what the bolts are and where they can be bought from – from the look of the manual they're some kind of poppers rather than proper bolts? I'm rather reluctant to go to the dealer since they charged me £11 (~$15) for a skirt bolt.

Any advice is much appreciated, Ed.
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