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(I removed the references to selling the car, because I wanted this in general discussion and my original post got moved to buy/sell)

I bought my 2001 CVT about 3 months ago, and love it to death. However, with the kiddo and only one other car, it's been hard. Whoever has the kid has to take the 300M, and the other person takes the insight, which has created problems because, well, the girl at home doesn't 'get' why the insight is so great.

I bought the car because I was driving around 150 miles every day, and it made financial sense. I also got the car for a low low low price, and will basically get all of my money back, including tax and fees, so there's no financial hit selling it.

We bought a 2005 Volvo T5 6speed last night (impulse purchase, believe it or not), so the insight is for sale.

Here's some photos of the new baby

It's faster than I want it to be... it might pose future financial problems Smile

The poor insight and 300M are relegated to the 'uncovered' parking now. ... hoto20.jpg
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