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Hi all,

This is my first post here, I've been lurking for a while though and I appreciate all the knowledge here. I had been looking for an Insight for a month or two, and I finally found one on ebay. It's a 2000, silver, with 103,000 miles and I payed $7000 for it. Seems like a pretty good deal, the only thing is that it was in New York and I live in Portland OR. So I flew out there on a Saturday, left on Sunday, and got back to Portland on Wednesday morning. It was a pretty intense drive, 3000 miles in 3.5 days! But it's really a great car, I love driving it. I have a couple pictures that you might be interested in:

My personal best of 100.1 mpg for 8.5 miles on I5 drafting a truck (at about 55 mph)

For that whole trip from Salem OR to Portland OR I averaged 79.6 mpg:

Turns out the Insight does pretty well at higher speeds also:

Anybody else notice how noisy the windshield wipers are when you go fast? Or is it just my car that has a really loud hum at high speeds?

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Congratulations on your purchase! I have had mine for a little bit over a month now, and I'm still happily impressed with how in love I am with it. :D

The fastest I've taken my Insight up to is about 85 mph. Of course, that is because most of my driving is in pretty heavy traffic. I haven't really used the windshield wipers, either, since it doesn't rain too often in the summer months here in California.

Hmm.... also looks like you're in need of an oil change, judging by your pics! ;)

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Hi warman and welcome to the forums :!: :)

Congratulations on your purchase. :)

Sorry but I guess you've not familiarized yourself with IC's posting conventions. I had to remove the img function and leave the links (anybody that wants to do one extra mouse click can see them :) ).

Check out the forum here:

Forum HELP, Rules and Announcements

for all you'll need to know.

We're not too concerned about whether a question has been asked in the past or not. But please spend a bit of time gleaning the forums to see if your question has been recently answered before asking.

And don't forget the IC interactive encyclopedia for clickable pics with detailed explanations.

warman said:
Anybody else notice how noisy the windshield wipers are when you go fast? Or is it just my car that has a really loud hum at high speeds?
Umm, I can name that tune in 99 notes. <with the info so far probably not> :p

Seriously, we'd need a lot more detailed description. And don't forget the basics of year and transmission type. I'd try a new post in the problems and troubleshooting forum. :)

I look forward to reading about your Insight experience as it progresses :!:

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