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Well, for 26,800 Canadian Dollars I have a brand new 2011 Insight EX with Nav and every single option I wanted thrown in by the nice people at the Honda dealership here in the middle of the country.

So far, I like it very much. Love the voice-activated controls, bluetooth, audio card/usb/cd options (I use them all), have driven about 900 km before needing to fill it up again.

My last car was a Pontiac GrandAM, and this is certainly a new experience. I have to say I did not get this for the 'green' effect - frankly I got it because gas it rising and it will not stop until I am dead.

All that being said - A couple questions for other Insight Hybrid owners:
1) I notice that the wipers give a slight 'click' sound when active, is this normal for hondas? it eminates from the driver-left-hand-side.
2) The 'auto-stop' feature cuts the engine when stopping but even if the brake is still being applied it will return to gas-mode after a few seconds - what is the timing/reasoning of this feature?
3) Anyone else notice a thrust or pull-forward from the car when braking? I suppose this is from the switching from gas/battery but am not sure.
4) Anyone get an aftermarket back-up camera or sensors installed? I would like to as I suck as backing up.

Jay - new insight owner.
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