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I read somehwhere about places where the air quality, although perhaps a wee bit lacking in oxygen, is better from the tailpipe of a ULEV car than the street.

Jane (2001 Insight) just got smogged and it makes me wonder why the standards are so lax, when the max allowable CA emissions for pollutants such as NO are over 800 ppm, and Jane gives just 13 ppm. That's not even comparing to the more lax standards in other states or the godawful 'truck' standards for so many guzzlers. I wonder what the concentration is for the air one is breathing living next to a freeway in this state?

Maybe we should all bottle our exhaust and sell it as fresh air! :roll:

Hi Figgy:

___Could you give us the entire list of compounds and the concentrations as listed in your Insight’s emission report?

___Here is some of the 2004 (LEV/ULEV/SULE/ZEV-II) specs I have seen around the web and I would be interested in seeing the real world comparisons of the Insight’s supposedly low LEV/ULEV Honda/EPA rating vs. actual.

California LEV2 emissions standards
(2004 phase-in)
In g/mi*	

      Durab.   LEV2    ULEV2    SULEV2   ZEV2
NMOG  050 k    0.075   0.040    —        0
      120 k	 0.090   0.055    0.010    0
CO    050 k    3.4     1.7      —        0
      120 k	 4.2     2.1      1.0      0

NOx	050 k    0.05    0.05     —        0
      120 k	 0.07    0.07     0.02     0
PM	 050 k    —       —        —        0
      120 k    0.01    0.01     0.01	  0

HCHO  050 k    0.015   0.008    —        0
      120 k	 0.018   0.011    0.004    0
___Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1486mwd1][email protected][/email:1486mwd1]

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Units are Apples. Units are Oranges.

Someone will have to convert units. Here are the printed results from the test documents:


At 15 mph on dyno thingy:

RPM 2539 (I don't know what gear they used)
%CO2 14.62
%O2 0.35
HC (PPM) 7
%CO 0.02
NO (PPM) 0076

At 25 mph on dyno thingy:

RPM 2209 (obviously a higher gear)
%CO2 14.70
%O2 0.24
HC (PPM) 1
%CO 0.02
NO (PPM) 0013

I note that the MAX allowed for the test for NO is 828 and she got 13, and for %CO max is 0.63 and she got 0.02 which is why I wish they would lower the max limits a lot more to make the polluters get fixed.

I use the highly technical term "dyno thingy" to refer to the fact that they put the front wheels up on those rollers to simulate real driving. I think this is the dynamometer or whatever? Help me out here, if you please!

I didn't get a chance to see what gear they were using, but obviously with the lower RPMs at the higher speed they must have upshifted. That might account for the lower readings at the higher speed.

Since the Insight can run easily in higher gears than most cars, I imagine that they didn't know this, and were in lower gears than need be and thus saw more gas burned.

The engine was warm, and the engine fan only went on for a few brief seconds periodically, so she wasn't feeling like she needed cooling.

p.s. This was for Jane, my girlfriend's 2001 just acquired.
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