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Anyone else see this? Repeated segment (thrice in a three-hour period that I know of) on hybrids and people who are paying a premium to get them on CNN Headline News yesterday (Sat., 072404). I was at a sports bar and had no access to my TiVo, or I would have taped it... :eek:

Both the teaser and the actual report showed a silver Insight and mentioned Honda's appearance first in the USA. Then the discussion segued into the Prius and how some folks are paying as much as $3,500 over sticker to get their Prii ahead of waiting list buyers :shock: .

Closed with promises of the Ford Explorer and the GMC big trucks with hybrid powertrains just over the time horizon.

I thought it coool that they led both the teaser and the report with a longish shot of an Insight to get viewers' attention... :D
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