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Broken Earth Straps

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Hi to everyone we are new to this group

Thanks for all the interesting info that helped us when buying our Insight

We have had two earth straps that broke replaced under guarantee these are located in front of the engine on left side (looking from driver seat forward) they connect to the chassis from the engine

Keep an :shock: eye on these straps

Anyone had the same problem

All the best
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This winter, I had wrote about those two. The tread was something like IMA and Check Engine lights.

One ground strap is listed to ground the body to the engine and the other is to ground the body to the transmission.
Actually, both are bolted between the body and transmission.

When the engine starts with the IMA there is no problem. When the engine starts with the 12v starter and in a high amp situation (cold weather) then the bad electrical link causes the car computers to go awire. The IMA and Check Engine lights are up and a lot of ODBII codes apepar:
P1600 IMA system Malfunction
P1586 Motor Power Inverter MPI problem
58 Charge/Discharge circuit problem
P1580 Battery Current circuit problem
P1635 BCM module problem

Then there is no IMA, no 144v to 12v converter , no power steering,... until an MCM reset.

Those two straps are about size 8 wires and are made of solid copper. IMHO, The engine vibration will brake those after a while. They are new now on my car but this summer I will try to replace them with:
- Longer wire lengh to help reduce vibration brakage
- Use stranded and soft wire to help reduce twist effort and make them
more robust. After market wires and ends.
- Set them as a 'U' instead of being strait
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