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I am thinking of buying a 2002 used one with 13,368 mi. and auto transmission. Have not yet checked Carfax or others to verify vehicle. Question 1, what should I look for BEFORE buying and what do I need to know / do after purchase? Question 2, I would become the 3rd owner. Is the 8/80 still good for me? Question 3, I live in northern Il., what do I need / want for winter driving on expressway?

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.

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1) Get the Carfax

2) Search for and read posts in here in relation to any specific concerns you may have about the Insight and Hybrid vehicles in general. There have been several in the General forum over the last few months. The first few pages of the General forum should yield a treasury of information.

3) Yes, the manufacturers warranty is on the vehicle, not the owner. No action on your part to "transfer" this warranty is required.

4) From what I've read N Illinois isn't snowy to the extent of needing show tires :?: Or the plows get there soon enough. Anyway there are several threads in regard to snow tires should you choose to use them.

HTH! :)
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