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03 CVT(base) insight owner here, I've had this beautiful car for a little over a year now and noticed that it took quite a bit of time to cool off the vehicle in the hot Texas summer heat so I decided to buy a new cabin filter to replace it...

As I was replacing this filter I noticed that the plastic bracket was never cut meaning this vehicle hasn't had a new filter change since 2002! I cut it off and popped her open and it was absolutely disgusting and the filter was a nasty yellow color, yuck! I am not sure how I didn't get sick from this.

Instantly vacuumed up the inside of the evaporator box to make it clean and replaced the filter... It now runs so much more efficient and now works like a dream.

This car was in a storage shed for most of it's life so a ton of stuff in the car is untouched and I'm slowly replacing all the consumables that might've been affected by age.

TL;DR: filter never changed since 02, dealers lied that they "checked" the filter
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