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California emissions …

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Hi All:

___Given the Insight has even better emissions in California and its neighboring states as well as some of the North Eastern portions of the US, is it just the low sulfur fuel that achieves the better results or is their a difference between the engines and Cat’s available from the different areas?
  • 00 Insight 5-speed California and Clean states: 12.3 – 12.9 #’s of smog forming emissions/15K miles[/*:m:8p0np5kb]
  • 00 Insight 5-speed most other states besides California: 7.9 – 11.8 #’s of smog forming emissions/15K miles[/*:m:8p0np5kb]
___This is common among many vehicles but the EPA is very vague as to how the lower emissions are achieved. Is it only because of the LS fuel available or is their also enhanced emission HW able to take advantage of California’s and other states LS fuel?

___I have been reading up on the attributes of many automobiles on the EPA Green Vehicle Guide over the last year or two but have never read exactly why the differences between California and most everywhere else. It would seem to be an expensive proposition to equip just California vehicles with HW not available in any other state is all.

___Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:8p0np5kb][email protected][/email:8p0np5kb]
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From what I understand, California also requires gas sold in the state to have additives and detergents added in order for it to burn cleaner.
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