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ecogrl said:
I'm curious about similar issues:

Am I allowed to drive in the car pool lane when in California with my Insight?

I use premium gasoline because I was under the impression it's better for my car and the environment as well. Is my impression accurate?
Yes and no, you can if there are 2 occupants, even in lanes that require 3. But, in California, the vehicle can't use gasoline at all if you want to drive in a carpool lane by yourself. :?

At first I found this rather annoying, but with the number of hybrids in the area I can understand why, we would just clog up the lanes. I see so many original Prii that I hardly look for them, and I see at least one '04 Prius a day now, and the occasional HCHs and Insights.

As far as the gas, I use Regular from 76 since they do not use MTBE and the manual says to just use regular (that and regular is about $1.79 right now.)
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