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California Insight gathering

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Greetings all central & northern Californians! We are having a gathering at exactly 12:00 noon on Sunday, August 17th! It will be in Oakland or Alameda (near the bay where it's not so hot) at a Home Depot or Wal-Mart parking lot, and an adjacent restaurant. I am bringing my slightly modified (for car shows) 2003 5-spd (85.7 lmp) all the way from the state of WA. We will figure and exact location soon; any suggestions? I would like to meet many of you, including Rodney. Everyone is welcome, and even the famous Insight expert Daniel Curran may show up. I sure wish Rick Reece didn't live so far away..........Billy
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As I posted in the "Last Call" thread, Sean Connelley took some pictures, and I've posted them online at . I'm the guy with the black baseball cap.

If anyone else has pictures of the event, kindly send them to me at [email protected], and I'll put them online.

Enjoy. :)
Sharon Venzke said:
Thanks to Billy for a great get together! We had such a great showing of Insights, but I still think we should have swarmed the H2 in the parking lot!
Agreed. I am considering getting "NO HMMRS", "NO HUMMR", or some other derivative license plates. Also, "10K WATT" also seems kinda neat. However, this being California and with the huge number of people here, all the really cool license plates are taken. :(
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