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Hybrid cars are a huge hit in California and for a number of reasons. The first reason you might think of is the that citizens of the fine state are concerned about the environment. And while that might be true, there's also a more self-serving reason, namely, that the California DMV issues 85,000 "Clean Air Vehicle" stickers to hybrid cars owners allowing them to drive in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) or carpool lanes.

According to spokesman Steve Haskins, the DMV has now received as many request as it can fill and so no more passes will be given out.

As a result, those looking to purchase a hybrid like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight to avoid rush hour chaos are now out of luck.

Instead those folks will now be heading over to Nissan to pick up a Leaf, as a new California Bill allows EVs and cars running on compressed natural gas to drive in the carpool lanes – at lest until 2015.

More: California No Longer Issuing HOV Carpool Stickers to Hybrids on
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