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Have had a 2000 mt since 2012. It was a salvage title bought from CAT in Eagle Rock. Seemed to have the strongest IMA, and has been worry free until the last couple of months.

It first started with the brake/battery light during excessive acceleration. I read up, replaced the frayed ground straps (just two of them, right?). Still got the same brake/battery lights from time to time. Then I got an IMA/CEL- p1449. I bought a grid charger, performed 2x 12hr charges (got the pack to 170v), replaced the aging 12v battery, and all was good for about 2 weeks.

I am now in a biweekly-weekly cycle of drive, get the brake/battery lights, recal, regen to a nice and peppy state, get IMA (either p1449, p1568, or p1586), reset IMA by unplugging 12v and power cycling the IMA.

I am prepared to replace the battery with a Bumblebee Battery, but I feel like my IMA pack has plenty of juice in some or most of the sticks... Again, after a regen going downhill or driving on the FWY, my car is peppy. But the other half of the time, it's gutless.

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