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I have a 2000 Honda insight 5 speed. It has about 140000 miles on it.

When I accelerate the car jumps, the RPM's will go up and down about 400 RPM's. If I take my foot off the gas or shift up or down it tends to stop. The car does not do this all the time, but in the 100 miles I drive a day I would say it does this at least 5 times a day.

It also keeps idling very low. My normal idle is about 900 - 1000 RPM's. Lately it idles at as low as 400 RPM's and the car shakes. It hasn't stalled from this yet.

And a few times when I'm accelerating I will push down on the gas, I will see the electric motor kick in but the car will barely move, then I get a sudden burst of speed. It's as if the engine isn't doing anything for a few seconds.

I just changed the spark plugs. When doing so I had a hard time taking one of the coils out and saw the side of it was cracked and the piece came off. It only looked like the broken part was for where the screw holds it in place but that makes me wonder how much of it could be damaged.

I was told it could be the fuel filter but when calling Honda for a fuel filter they told me they are made for the life of the car and the only time they would need to be replaced is if the fuel pump needs to be replaced.

I am getting an error code of 6413 and was told I am burning either too lean or too rich.

I think the problem is the coils but before I put $180 in to 3 new coils I would like to see what else it could be.

Btw is a great place to find cheap insight parts.
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