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car shuts off???

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hey everyone! I am now an offical Insight owner- after 6 long months of waiting- and absolutly LOVE it! So far my only complaint is that the cup holders cant hold a Gaterade bottle (lol I'm a bit of a sport addict so its my fav drink).

I am kind of wondering though about the engin maybe..cutting out for a split second. When I'm on the highway the car sometimes jolts and the little fuel comsumption gauge drops- but not to 0 - and then picks back up. Almost like it just decided that it didnt want to run the engin.
Has anyone else had this problem???

I put the primum fuel in every time -except once cuz the gas was like $1.10 can. - which I know I dont have to but I figured being my first new car I'd be nice to it =)

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I experience the hesitation at least once every couple days. It feels like a loss in power (my head moves forward slightly from inertia) and it lasts about 1/2 second. The FCD will dip as others have described, then come back up.

It happens most when cruising, near the beginning of a trip (first 5 minutes like the previous poster said).

I rarely use AC, it definitely has happened with ac off.

The loss of power occurs, immediately followed by a momentary drop in FCD (mpg).

Any feelings from going into lean burn, if I even feel them, are very slight. In fact, it's hard for me to know for sure when I'm in lean burn, I think because I must be in it all the time. I keep to 60-65 mph on my relatively flat commute and I average 84+ mpg.

You mention "purge" as if going into lean burn = purge, when I'm not sure my past reading leads me to that. I understand the car will purge the NOX collector by forcing itself out of lean burn, but I don't think that is what I am seeing.

From what I have read, the NOX purge results in an increase in power, where the thing I am experiencing is a distinct, brief, loss of power.

My loss of power event does not typically happen more than once per trip.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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