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car shuts off???

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hey everyone! I am now an offical Insight owner- after 6 long months of waiting- and absolutly LOVE it! So far my only complaint is that the cup holders cant hold a Gaterade bottle (lol I'm a bit of a sport addict so its my fav drink).

I am kind of wondering though about the engin maybe..cutting out for a split second. When I'm on the highway the car sometimes jolts and the little fuel comsumption gauge drops- but not to 0 - and then picks back up. Almost like it just decided that it didnt want to run the engin.
Has anyone else had this problem???

I put the primum fuel in every time -except once cuz the gas was like $1.10 can. - which I know I dont have to but I figured being my first new car I'd be nice to it =)

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I experience a hiccup of sorts here and there, as well, but they are usually tied in with regen. It usually happens when it starts to charge but then I push on the gas pedal or something to take it out of regen. The car will hesitate but then go back to operating as normal. Is this what is happening with you?
ethicalpaul - When you feel the loss in power, is the FCD going down or up? Are you using mpg or liters?

I have noticed that when the car enters lean burn, you will feel as though are you accelerating. Your mph will usually go up and the FCD gauge will decrease (in mpg). After a few seconds, you will suddenly feel as though you have put slight pressure on the brakes and your body should feel as though it is moving forward slightly. At the same time, the FCD gauge (in mpg) will increase and go back to where it was before the "purge". Additionally, this will happen after you have been driving at a constant mph/FCD readout for a couple of minutes (i.e. no hard acceleration or sudden braking). This usually happens to me about three or four times during my commute (35 miles).
Martini - Your is a 2006 and it has no warranty? Is it because it is imported? :(
[mod note: Yes Martini reports in another thread its a USA :arrow: CA "grey" market import]

At any rate, the problem you describe is most closely associated with a bad/dirty EGR valve... from what I have read on the boards. It usually involves either cleaning it or replacing it. Do a search on the boards (use "EGR" and "jerky" as your keywords, it should help).

The only thing that bothers me, though, is that yours is fairly new. Most people don't have that problem until they have clocked at least 40k miles of driving - if not more.
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