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car shuts off???

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hey everyone! I am now an offical Insight owner- after 6 long months of waiting- and absolutly LOVE it! So far my only complaint is that the cup holders cant hold a Gaterade bottle (lol I'm a bit of a sport addict so its my fav drink).

I am kind of wondering though about the engin maybe..cutting out for a split second. When I'm on the highway the car sometimes jolts and the little fuel comsumption gauge drops- but not to 0 - and then picks back up. Almost like it just decided that it didnt want to run the engin.
Has anyone else had this problem???

I put the primum fuel in every time -except once cuz the gas was like $1.10 can. - which I know I dont have to but I figured being my first new car I'd be nice to it =)

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Hi Amanda,
Hey, I live nearby! and i am having a similar, but far worse problem (which I posted) with my '06 CVT. The "cutting out" is quite violent. Feels like the car shuts off, starts again, shuts off and starts again.

Cruising down my street, it's not so bad, but when I'm merging onto the highway at 90 kph, it's very violent. And I've got no warranty!
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