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Car sounds like crickets under the hood, what is the noise from?

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This is a 200,000 mile CVT. I hear a noise that sounds like crickets chirping or like dragging a handful of chains on the ground. The sound is fairly constant, accelerating or coasting, even idling sometimes. Might go away for a few seconds then come back. I took the belt off to see if the water pump or accessories are causing it but no difference. The possibilities coming to mind include catalytic converter heat shield, exhaust flex pipe, side engine mounts (rear is new), timing chain, CVT belt. The first two seem fine, others not sure how to check. Any other possibilities or suggestions?
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Had a similar problem on my previous insight ( 2010) loose heat shield
In the engine compartment there are 3 black metal brackets that bolt to the aluminum crossbar that support the 12v battery near the firewall directly behind the engine. Check the bracket that supports the large wire harness. They commonly are broken in half and then rub on the crossbar, making a chirping sound, especially when driving.


Look OK but will check again, thanks.
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Yes those brackets.

On CVTs for some reason they brake and will then cause noise especially when driving and sometimes at idle.


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2nd Cat rattle's

My CVT at 352K also has this the noise it is from the 2nd cat, (put your ear on it and tap the pipe), if I squeeze on the sides of the 2nd cat there is no rattling.
Got under the car and the noise is exhaust system related as suggested. Like maybe those two springs mounting the cats together. I can imagine snapping the bolts getting them off.
Beneath those springs are a "donut" type gasket. It probably has worn to the point of being ultra loose. If you can, tighten the spring bolts just a little as they are designed to allow the exhaust system to "Flex" a little under acceleration to keep from breaking the manifold.
Bolts won't budge either way. Don't want to break them.
Torch both off and replace with new ones,,or sawzaw them off .new bolts and springs,
The hard part is drilling out the broken bolt.

Just noticed this stay from the upper converter to the engine is cracked. That could be where the noise is coming from. Will try to remove it.

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Removed the cracked piece and started it up. No noise. Will take it for a drive to be sure. Is this a necessary part? 11941-PHM-A50 has been discontinued. Suppose I could find a place to weld it together if need be.
Yes, that part takes some of the "load" off the manifold and allows the exhaust system to "Flex".
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