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car will not start

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so i stopped at the side of the road to help someone else who ran out of gas. when i got back into my 01 insight, i turned the key and nothing. i tried three times and still nothing. i turned the hybrid battery of, which will force it to go back to using the starter motor with the 12v battery, but still nothing. i can hear my fuel pump working (the tow truck guy told me it was the fuel pump). i also hear a clicking sound whenever i turn the key (a one time click, not a repeated click), but it will not start.
another weird thing is that my dash does not work like it should sometimes. like it might flash, or not turn on at all. and then other times it will work just fine. the tow truck guy thinks it is the ECU, (which cost $300 not including labor) but this car has 3 computers. the ECU in the front, and two in the rear controlling the hybrid battery. one of the two in the rear is just for the cooling system, so i know it is not that. does anyone know anything about if it could be the ECU?

i have been having problems with the car recently, like the auto-off would not happen when i am at a stand still, or that it will not turn back on again when i put it in gear (it is a manual) sometimes the dash will say that i am going at 150mpg even though i an accelerating. and sometimes it will not say that it is charging the battery. two weeks ago my ima battery died and i replaced it with bumble bee battery. i thought that that would fix all the other minor problems but it didn't. and now it will not even start.
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+1 on the 12V battery and ground straps. Also check the fuses in the under dash panel. I seem to recall there was one that can blow or whatever and that it can make the car not come out of auto-stop... But my money's on the ground straps, then the 12V battery...
so i looked at my ground cable, which was fine....
Should be cables, plural. There's 3 of primary concern. You probably checked the one to the 12V battery. Then there's two that run just below and in front of the air box. Those often break and corrode, or corrode and break... Make sure you check those too; they could still be responsible for the weird dash stuff, and could have been responsible for the weak 12V battery charging... There's also a ground cable that attaches somewhere down by the electric power steering, but I don't think that's often a problem...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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