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If you want a "cargo mat" for the back of your Insight, measure the length and width you want , then go see a carpet store and see what they might have in "remnants" (not so sure I spelled that right but I guess you know what I mean - Moderator - now spelled charge)

Odds are, on a slow day they'll edge it for you at little or no extra charge, giving the mat that attractive, custom made look for your Insight.

Suggest a darker overall color - won't show the dirt as much.

Hope this helps


p.s. 72 MPG! Have you no shame!? :)

I would like to insert a cargo mat in the hatch bed of my Insight. Does anyone know of a custom fit mat for Insights?
How about seat covers? Any recommendations are appreciated.

2006 Red Insight MT (the Power Puff)
Best commute mpg = 72
Average on first tank = 50mpg
It is going on a month since I bought my Insight and still on 1st tank, courtesy of the Honda dealership :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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