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Anyone got a source for a replacement carpet, perferably one of better quality than the factory item? (I mean the carpet in the actual cabin, not in the back load area.)

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For the Insight it seems unlikely that any formed to fit carpet will be ever available in the aftermarket.

Automotive "style" carpeting is widely available, but I will have to be cut and fit. And for the best fit stitched in the corners. A lot of work and skill involved. With that said the wear of any carpet is also linked with its padding. Here the Insight is severly deficient. Several Insighters (myself included) added home type padding in our early Insight years. And some type of additional padding over the dead pedal area is highly advisable. I used sticky back anti-skid tape. The stuff commonly put on stair treads.

You should be able to easily google up your choice of automotive carpet. The other items are widely available at any home improvement store.

HTH! :)
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