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A few weeks ago I found a torn off grey plastic bit in the passenger footwell. Not knowing what it was I kept it for some time but finally binned it as everything seemed to work fine.

A few days ago while spending the week at my inlaws the lid of my center console/armrest refused to stay closed. Then I noticed the latch was gone. I found it on the floor, plus its spring, but minus one of the pivot points (circled in red). So that was what it was...
I realized how thin the plastic was, and how hard it would be to glue it back in place and make it stay put. Even if I had it on hand.

My father in law let me delve in his DIY attic and I came up with a plug, glue, piece of steel wire, duct tape and a nail. I also needed a ballpoint spring to push out the nail to fit the pivot point. My father in law took a drawer with some 50 pens, tested at least half of them until he finally found one that did not write. Took it apart for the spring.

Cut a slit in the plug and glued it over the ridge between the pivot points, bored 2 little holes and stringed the wire over the plug to fix it, inserted the spring and nail, taped it, installed it; good as new!
No McGiver or A-Team background music, but nonetheless really satisfying ;)


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