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I took a hit to the front of my car a few months ago and had to replace the headlight. Unfortunately JDM headlights are hard to find and expensive when you can get them. The USDM headlights seem easier to find and a lot less cost so I took a punt on one and figured I could convert it to a JDM one by removing the reflector inside the headlight.

Thanks to Aldelcampo for supplying a headlight from the USA!

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First, a little 4000 grit sandpaper and some polishing compound to clean up the lens.

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The USDM headlight has this little reflector inside that changes the direction of the light. The JDM headlight doesn't have this installed so you just need to take it out.

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First I got some long nose pliers and twisted the metal reflector so it was smaller than the hole, then pulled it out the back.

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I had to bend it back and forth a bit until it snapped off. The reflector is screwed down but the screw is too hard to get a tool on so this was the only way to get it out without taking the whole light apart. That's basically it, all sorted!

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Crash wasn't big but wrecked a good car!

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Back in business, still a little gravel rash from the crash but its perfectly drivable.

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That thing you removed is actually not a reflector. It's shiny on the outside for cosmetic purposes and a matte grey on the inside. It's job is to reduce errant light emissions, i.e. glare. It has nothing to do with the low beam cutoff or with the angle of said cutoff.

LHD headlights have a stepped cutoff that looks more or less like this:
__ __ __ __/‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾

RHD would look like this:
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\__ __ __ __.

To change the from LHD to RHD you will need to swap the parabolic reflector inside the headlight.
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