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Changing Oil...

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For those that have changed their own oil on their Insights, I'm sure you've found that it has been somewhat more of a pain compared to some other cars. Draining the oil itself isn't too bad.

It's removing the oil filter that's a pain. Mainly concerning:

1. Horizontal Mounting - Nearly imposible to remove unless you have some sort of wrench.
2. Oil drip - There is a long metal "shield" which the oil tends to drip on.

I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips to make the process less painful. ;)

Also, does anyone know of the SureDrain product from Fram works with the Insight?
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I'm just too lazy and I also go to one of the rare dealerships that has a really wonderful service department with technicians who actually take pride in their work and know the car backwards and forwards. Even under these circumstances I always wonder if when they fix something they won't mess up something else (which has never happened but I still wonder), so I know what you mean.
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