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Cheap additional seat padding

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Thought I'd share this addition I've made to my 2000 Insight. I flew to NC to pick up the car, and drove it home in a two day trip. By the end of each day, my sciatic nerve was killing me, a combination of the meager seat padding and the need to keep my right leg extended for hours on end. I was really wishing for cruise control by the end of that trip.

I first added a center armrest, to take a little pressure off the butt from time to time. Helped quite a bit. Then, Friday, I received my order from:

a memory-foam hunk of padding. I ordered a trapezoidal shape, 2" thick. Fits in a standard flannel pillowcase, for a temporary cover. Cheap and nice solution, and has worked very nicely for about 400 miles of driving since getting it. If I had it to do over again, however, I might have gone just a touch thinner, since the 2" thickness, while adequately cushey, lifts me up just enough to diminish the effectiveness of the seat side bolsters a bit.

Liking the car a bit more every day - Pat
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Brookstone, if you have a store near you, has a nice memory foam cushion for about $30. You can probably also get them on-line.
Cruise Control

Well, for my sorry butt I just use a pillow with a green cover (I thought was gray). On long trips I'm ready to chew my foot off after about 6 hours or so. My '04 has Cakley's cable cruise control to do the job, real good for mpg, it's listed here in modifications from some time back. Global Cruise makes their servo cruise control with an install kit for the Insight. Jack
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