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Check engine light.........

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I have a 2002 silver Insight and after about 3250miles the check engine light came on all of a sudden while cruising down the I-5. I have read in the manual that the light can come on if the gas cap is not secured properly. This is probably my 4 or 5 tank of gas and this has never happened before. I made sure the cap was on tight before i left the gas station. After about 30 miles it came on. I re-tightened it but the light has not gone off.
Is this just a matter of patience to let the emissions system fix itself and the engine light then turns off? I was wondering if others have had this problem with the CVT? Are there any recalls on 2002 CVT's? :?
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Check the Yahoo! groups hybrid and insight forums... people there have reported CEL lights before. In short, you should take it in and have a tech check the on board diagnostics of the emissions control system.
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