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Hi, folks. I tried to install a friend's child seat in my Insight today and the tether on the model they had was not long enough to reach the latch at the rear of the hatch area. I know Honda discourages Insight owners from carrying children in the car because of the front airbag but it seems to me that if you have the passenger seat all the way back and a well-suited child seat that is secure there shouldn't be any way the airbag could hit the child. Anyone have advice on a brand/model that works well in the Insight?

b1shmu63 said:
several members have installed switches that dissable the passenger side air bag when carrying children.
Or there is the $0 cost method... ... highlight=

I also thought there was room enough for the airbag to deploy with an infant seat. However, I didn't want to have to argue how the child's brain wasn't supposed to be turned into mush to her mother. Just not a place to be (plus I would have to kill myself in grief). Additionally, the kid is only going to get bigger and that airbag is supposed to be off until they are 6.. 12? Kids also kick and move around.... odds are the airbag is going to hurt the kid if it deploys.. who wants to take any chance?

As for the tether... you simply have to get a tether that is long enough (ask to trade tethers with someone that no longer uses their old seat) or get a new child seat.

I have a Graco Triumph 5 (Toddler) in mine right now. Works great.
I had another Graco Snugride (Infant) seat as well in my insight. No complaints there either. I remember having to swap tethers on one of them; think the infant one.
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