Hi Insighters - I’m looking for a 2000 Citrus Insight. I get it, they’re in very limited supply. Nevertheless, I’m reaching out and asking. Here what I’m looking for:
  • 2000 Citrus/MT
  • non smoker driver (I’m allergic to cigarette smoke
  • CA registered and/or passes CA smog
  • zero body damage
  • under 150K miles preferred
  • decent exterior cosmetics (paint, bumpers, etc).
  • will pay fair price based on condition
Car needs to be mechanically sound and freeway driveable/safe. My intent is to take a stock car and upgrade to a LiBCM and use sparingly in local commutes.
I know, seems unlikely I’ll find a match. But you never know. If no luck here, I might post an LA want auto ad. But rather go with someone on the forum.
BTW - I previously owned a 2003 silver MT insight.