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Hi everyone,
I was hoping to hear if anyone could shed some light on my situation.

My car has recently showed some strange symptoms regarding my headlights.

At first my H1 high beam lights wouldn't work while my H7 regulars was operating just fine on both sides. Next thing you know only my left side lights are functional H1 and H7 both only on the left side is working. I did check the cable's and the automatic functions on my switches all is working as they should. Fuse box is intact and bulbs (seem )fine. I can't find anything actually visually damaged.
My plan is to replace all my OEM bulbs to LED and hopefully it works out. Unfortunately it's a bit of an expensive investment getting high quality lights all in one go especially if my problem is elsewhere and not with the bulbs. I'll be checking my current on the wiring harness once again to see if the output is reaching the components although im pretty sure it's fine. Does anyone have a theory on the subject Why the lights would suddenly jump around like that.

Much appreciated
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