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Civic Hybrid Sport Concept @ Tokyo Motor Show

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Civic Hybrid Sport Concept @ Tokyo Motor Show

Here is the sporty Civic hybrid at Tokyo Motor show.

Pics are here at Japanese Honda site. (I am not sure they are listed on Amercian Honda site) ... index.html

Here is Civic Hybrid show intro video (in Japanase ... except Elvis song). ... index.html
No special new info is there in Japanese narration. The girl mention VSA, Drive-by-Wire, IHCC, CMS etc, and keep saying "feel fine."

IHCC - Intelligent Highway Cruise Control, introduced first in Japanese domestic Accord.
CMS - Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS)
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Weird, but cool. It looks like a cross between a Civiv SI coupe and an Insight, with a total prius ripoff dash!

I would buy one if it got decent mpg and I could afford it!
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