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If I recall correctly, most of the US market Honda filters are now made by Fram, notorious for their nuclear orange colored cans of doom. If the one you have is made in Canada that is labeled "Honeywell" near the lip, it most likely is. I recently got one when I changed the oil for the Civic Hybrid. The OEM Insight filter is made by Toyo Roki in Japan which supposedly has superior filter media and better overall design compared to their US/Canadian couterparts.

As for the Insight filter, interestingly enough, it's also used in ATVs, mopeds, motorcycles, engines, generators, and a couple of other Honda vechicles in the japanese market.

As for size, I could have sworn I read somewhere that one of the reasons for a smaller oil filter was for higher oil pressure. I'm not too sure on this tidbit though. Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong.

Got a USA made SuperTech ST6607/$1.97 (newer shipments supposedly being made in Mexico) and the OEM Toyo Roki 15400-PFB-004/$5.25 filter. Thinking of cutting them open to take a look at the build quality.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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