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I just moved to Utah and registered my Insight with the optional "Clean Fuel - Clean Air" plates which also allow me to drive in the HOV lanes in Salt Lake City (I'm thinking about getting them customized). The HOV lane is about 16 miles long and is supposed to be extended to the Provo area making it the longest continuous HOV lane in the US of about 34 miles if I remember right. It will definitely be an advantage commuting in heavy traffic.

The only thing that upset me about it is the requirement of a Clean Fuel Vehicle Permit (which is obtained by owning a clean fuel vehicle "Propane, Electrical, or Natural Gas" which hybrids qualify for) that cost about an extra $90. The only purpose this Permit serves is to be presented when filling propane to purchase the fuel sales tax-free. I found out that it cannot be used for buying gasoline, and now I argue that my vehicle is not Electrical because the Insight runs on gasoline and without it would go nowhere (not like the Prius, but even the Prius would be arguable). I will have to write an email to legislature and see if they can propose to revoke the Permit requirement for Hybrids to obtain a Clean Fuel - Clean Air license plate so they can occupy the HOV lane without paying for a useless Permit. I found out by calling the DMV that the money collected for the Permit is used toward road funding, which is where the tax collected from gasoline goes, so when you buy propane or natural gas you are not contributing to road funding so they have to find a way to get the money out of you. So I really think it is unfair, but what can you do about it....?

In conclusion, you end up paying to drive in the HOV lane anyway... ... plates.jpg
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