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In addition to what Rick said, the sulfur content varies by region. In the summer of 2006, the newest EPA standards were to go into effect (30 ppm max average), but were blown off by President Bush to try to keep prices low because of Katrina and the gulf coast oil refineries.
In my area, (Western SC) the lowest are Shell and BP, but Shell does not seem to give me quite as good mileage as BP, even though Shell ihas lower sulfur content.
Sunoco, in my part of SC, can be as high as 378ppm. Charlotte, NC had low sulfur, but I don't know if it's still low because of the standards relaxation.
California, NYC, Chicago (I think) have low sulfur requirements, but about the only way to find out how much is in the gas you use is to contact the companies you deal with directly. I've had mixed results with this.
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