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Hi all - this past weekend, I couldn't stand to look at my rock-pitted external mirrors any longer so conducted a quick-cheap fix.

In short, I just sanded and filled in the pits on both mirror housing pods while still on the door, taped them off, primed and painted an easy to find ....get this.....gloss black. looks great mind you, and it even looks kinda neat with the rest of the car having the black trim. But a part of me can't help thinking I've cheapened the car a tad bit. So, with that, if I decided to paint it again this coming weekend, does any one know the closest color match to a 2001?..(silver)...I'm not into having special paint made and what not, since the mirrors don't set exactly against the rest of the car.

here are 2 pics:

but on a good note, for those of you who have a scuffed up upper rear bumper, I figured out a quick fix for that one and will post on a new thread with pictures!!!
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