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2006 CVT 179K
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UPDATE: it was my mistake! One side of the bypass resistor was disconnected. Reset 12v and she fired up from the IMA.
Seems the MCM stopped trying to energize the bypass relay after the first failure. It's a very brief pulse, need a fast meter.

First start since my grid charger installation and balance didn't go so well. Car starts from the 12v battery, check engine light is on.
In addition to the p1445 I have a constant IMA light, survives resets. IMA Flash code is 62: Bypass resistor relay problem.

Here's what I found researching this code:
The bypass resistor relay is energized by the MCM when the ignition is switched on. If the MPI Module voltage rises the MCM turns on the HV contactor. If not, code 62 is set.

Here's what I've done so far:
12V reset.
Cycled main battery disconnect.
Verified 156V at MCM from E4 to E8.
Verified 12V and GND at the MCM pins A9, A10, and A11.
Checked voltage at MCM from relay control pin PRE, A8, GRY/RED to GND. Measured 0.0V with key off - on - start.

Seems to me the MCM isn't providing 12V on pin A8 to energize the bypass contactor when the ignition is switched on.

What could cause this?

Does the MCM require some other inputs or conditions to energize the bypass contactor?

Is there a way to test the MCM?

Is my '06 CVT MCM interchangeable with modules from earlier years and 5MT cars?

Resources attached
Product Font Parallel Rectangle Screenshot
Product Schematic Rectangle Font Line
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