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I've been having some intermittent problems with the IMA system. Generally, the IMA light will turn on, accompanied by the battery SOC dropping, and/or reduced regen, etc.

By the time I can get the car to the dealer, the IMA light will have tuned off.

The dealer told me that the trouble codes will be erased by the computer if the problem has been resolved.

My older cars store the trouble codes until they are erased by the mechanic, so this seemed very odd to me. Also, the computer erasing codes would make it very difficult to trace intermittent problems. Is the dealer trying to blow smoke?

Also, I would like to buy a code reader, and it must be able to read ALL codes to be valuable. I've found a PC based reader by AutoEnginuity that says it will do this. Tech support at AutoEnginuity confirmed that their software will read IMA codes.

Does anyone have experience/feedback on any code readers that can read IMA codes?

Thanks a bunch for your help!
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