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Codes P0135 and P2610 [mod: 05-06 recall]

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Wifey just came back from a 900-mile round-trip to Oregon in her new 2006 five-speed, and averaged 77.3mpg for the whole trip despite having to go over the mountains. 8)
She got a MIL on the way up :cry: which went away after a day in Medford and since her mileage was great I said to drive it back. The MIL came back on shortly before reaching home. According to my ScanGaugeII (love it!) two codes were set: P0135 and P2610, which don't show up in my 2003 manual (or maybe I'm not reading it right). Can anyone help decipher this so I can be a little smarter when/if I turn the car in to Honda to look at it? Thanks in advance. JoeS.
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Hi Joe,

Sorry to read about your code problem. :(

P0135 is the primary O2 sensor heater circuit. Commonly the O2 sensor heater element (internal to the O2 sensor), but it could be any open circuit on that branch. And possibly (remotely) internal to the PCM.

P2610 is something that has only been reported in relation to 05's ( :?: ) 06's anyways. AFAIK it's not even a valid code for 04's and back and is the ECM / PCM internal engine off timer.
The reported fix in the group so far has been to replace the ECM. And it reads like it was a manufacturing blip in a string of these late models.

But as in all things computer a recording of the codes and freeze frame data followed by a reset and follow-up drive is a prerequsite before further diagnostics or parts replacement.

Computers do "glitch". :shock: :p

HTH! :)
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