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Codes P0135 and P2610 [mod: 05-06 recall]

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Wifey just came back from a 900-mile round-trip to Oregon in her new 2006 five-speed, and averaged 77.3mpg for the whole trip despite having to go over the mountains. 8)
She got a MIL on the way up :cry: which went away after a day in Medford and since her mileage was great I said to drive it back. The MIL came back on shortly before reaching home. According to my ScanGaugeII (love it!) two codes were set: P0135 and P2610, which don't show up in my 2003 manual (or maybe I'm not reading it right). Can anyone help decipher this so I can be a little smarter when/if I turn the car in to Honda to look at it? Thanks in advance. JoeS.
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John, thank you for this good information.
Yes, I'll scrupulously record all the freeze frame data, reset it, and continue driving to see what happens. Inasmuch as the mileage is just great and the problem appears intermittent, I'm happy to procrastinate a little before going to the dealer. Thanks again. JoeS.
Did the MIL reset and haven't seen the light come on again - car used only for short trips.

Just received an Emissions Recall notice: "Malfunction Indicator Lamp Comes On ... Your vehicle is equipped with an improperly functioning on-board emissions-related diagnostic system that violates California and federal standards and regulations." Didn't see any numbers associated with this recall notice, but it states that it is for a 2006 Insight.

The stated reason for this notice: "There are two internal timers inside your vehicle's engine control module (ECM). After the ignition is on for about 2.5 hours, the timers get out of sync, causing a diagnostic trouble code to set and the malfunction indicator lamp to come on, even though there is no problem with the vehicle."

The fix is a software update in the ECM, and Honda wants us to take the car to a dealer right away to have this done, and warns us about jeopardizing the emissions warranty if we don't. We California residents will also receive a special Proof of Correction certificate.

This explains why Wifey got the MIL only at the end of her trip, as she usually takes breaks every couple of hours.

Hmmm, wonder if this software update will also fix the Assist/Regen Disable issue where the clutch switch bypass was not working on the 2006... ... highlight=
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Took the red 2006 Insight in for the Emissions Recall. After first telling us it didn't need anything done and me insisting (and showing them the letter) that it did, they finally found the right VIN computer pigeonhole and took the car.

The Emissions Recall for the 2006 Insight is identified as 06-053.

Their work order claimed the car had Trouble Code 16-1, which they said they reset and performed a software update. They also gave me a special certificate saying the Emissions Recall had been performed.

Whatever they did they kept the car for four hours and racked up 7.7 miles at 29.3mpg, which really upset Wifey as she's currently running at 73.7 lmpg and trying to catch up to mine. She reset the FCD at the dealership and arrived home with 51 mpg after ten miles, fuming that they had messed her car up! Time will tell...
Fred said: the agent was given the keys, the individual was advised that I am very much interested in keeping the high MPG data which the car has...
Thank you Fred for that suggestion - I'll remember it when/if the next time I take one of the Insights in for some work.

Took Wifey's updated red 2006 MT for a 50-mile errand and it returned a respectable round trip in the low 80's despite having to drive faster than usual because of heavy freeway traffic - remembering that I also have a two-mile climb to get home.

Here's my latest subjective perception comparing our 2002 unupgraded MT (ignoring MIMA, FAS, etc.) with the updated 2006:

1. Mileage achievable about the same
2. Both regen and assist are about the same, even though initially I thought that assist kicked in sooner for the 2006
3. The "lights-on" trick hidden regen does seem to work on the 2006
4. SOC display seems to have a "different" response: unlike my initial drive, now my impression is that the 2006 shows both depletion and recovery faster than the 2002. If I were to hazard a guess, whereas if the 2002 SOC display shows a range of 20%-80% then perhaps the 2006 SOC display shows a range of maybe 20% to 70%. [mod edit]
5. Otherwise, the two cars "feel" absolutely identical - weird, as I've never had two identical cars sound and feel and respond exactly the same.

I'll be signing off now, as I'm putting the Insights up on blocks and going back to cruising next week. Thank you John B. and the other moderators for running a great forum, thanks to all for the wonderful participation as I have learned a tremendous amount from you all.[mod edit] :) JoeS.
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